Why Lunalis ?

At Lunalis, we aim to create simple luxuries powered by nature.

We pride ourselves on formulating truly effective and clean skin care that enhances the glow from within. Our products are packed with nutrient-dense, plant-powered ingredients that provide tangible, lasting results. Women-owned and women-powered, Lunalis strives to not only build our offering of luxurious products, but also create a sense of community in people from all over the world. Together, we can lift each other up and glow beautifully.

Instant, Lasting Radiance

Our luxurious, nutrient-dense ingredients such as Prickly Pear Oil and 24K gold, work together to instantly revitalize the skin, delivering lasting radiance and hydration that’ll keep you glowing all day long. All of our products are plant-powered and clinically tested to ensure you’ll end up with the most gorgeous, glowing results..


The perfect addition: Our Extreme Face Oil acts as the perfect primer, but it also makes a great addition to your everyday makeup routine. Add it to your foundation for a boost of dewiness or dab onto the high points of the face for a natural highlight. Ready. Set. Glow!


Fast Absorption: Pomegranate Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil, two key players in our formulations, allow for fast absorption into the skin, liberating you to quickly carry on with your day and live your Lumine Life to its fullest potential.Residue Free: Pomegranate Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and the rest of our nutrient-dense ingredients won’t leave behind any residue after application. Our products aren’t meant to weigh you down, only lift you up!Our products are versatile and multifunctional. They’re light enough to give you a hydrating radiance-boost in your daytime routine, but potent enough to heal and transform your skin overnight..

luxury for all

We think of the world and one big family, and our goal was to create a skin-care line that successfully performs on multiple complexions, leaving no one behind. Together, we can all live a lumine life.