At Lunalis, we aim to create simple luxuries powered by nature.

Nothing captures beautiful transformation quite like the butterfly, the ethereal creature for which our company, Lunalis, is named. With this iconic symbol of hope, change, and enchantment at the root of our inspiration, we created glow-inducing skin care that allows your best skin to emerge and take flight. We believe that your light shouldn’t be dimmed by aging, and that your beauty and spirit should only soar higher throughout the journey of life.

Our Story

I’m Nana, the cofounder of Lunalis Cosmetics. My sister Laila and I created our own brand of natural, radiance-boosting skin care—one that is both run and powered by the female spirit—after navigating a personal hardship: losing our mother.When we first learned that our Mom had been diagnosed with malignant brain cancer, it was a total shock to us. We wanted to do everything possible to save her. Through her journey, we learned a lot about cancer and the cancerous products we’re exposed to on a daily basis, as well as a more holistic approach to health.

The loss of our Mom took quite a toll on us, and shortly after we felt the need to go back to our native Morocco to reconnect with our roots. We took a trip during the summertime when conditions are especially dry and harsh, visiting the rural, mountainous areas of our home country. During our trip, we encountered the many women who make their living by working in these mountains, many times for low wages for importers from abroad. Even in the most treacherous and dry environments, they possessed the most radiant hair and glowing skin. But how? These women then shared with us their secret to healthy skin and hair that had been passed along for generations: the Opuntia Prickly Pear plant.

Considered a “miracle crop” since ancient times, the Prickly Pear’s ability to grow abundantly in warm, dry climates without any irrigation has earned it a reputation for being strong and resilient, a sentiment that greatly resonated with me on a personal level. At that moment, I suddenly felt deeply connected to this plant—strong, adaptable, and impenetrable on the outside, protecting its soft, rich, and precious inside. Thriving in even the most seemingly impossible conditions, this cactus persisted. And for me? Even after experiencing a devastating and heartbreaking loss, I, too, persisted. This plant was a symbol of my own determination, conviction, and fortitude.

I knew I wanted to create my own line of skin care with it, a line that was safe and toxin-free but still delivered potent, powerful results. At the same time, I also wanted to help these women by sourcing this wonder plant from them while paying them a livable wage. From there, the idea for Lunalis was born—a symbol of hope and metamorphosis, with Prickly Pear Seed Oil as the hero ingredient of all of its products.

We went to work, and after rigorously testing and perfecting the products over the course of two years, Lunalis embodies everything Laila and I have ever dreamed of.

Our Mission

Here at Lunalis, our mission is to bring the world a skin-care brand that embodies a luxurious life with infinite possibilities. We strive to create formulas that not only provide tangible and lasting results while being gentle on our skin, but also spark joy and excitement. Our aim is to bring people together from all over the world, so that together, we can glow beautifully in everything we do.

Our Standards

Plant-powered, nutrient-dense ingredients:

We source supremely regenerative, nourishing, and age-defying ingredients directly from nature.We understand that sourcing natural and plant-based ingredients is only half the battle of creating a luxury brand like Lunalis. That’s why we work closely with an advanced US-based lab that clinically tests the efficacy of our products to ensure only the most powerful, lasting results.Our satisfied customers can testify that Lunalis beats traditional skin-care products when it comes to instant radiance and lasting revitalization of their skin. The synergy of nature and science in our meticulously developed formulas enable us to ensure that our products are powerful, yet lightweight enough to not interfere with your daily routine.


All of the key ingredients that power our products are sourced from organic farms and crafted by women.

Fair trade, ethical sourcing:

We pay a fair price for superior plant ingredients and source them exclusively from our women-powered farm partners and trusted ingredient suppliers, all with whom we have built long-term relationships with. We work proactively under our “Lumine Together” initiative to not only support and uplift these women, but also their families and villages.

By supporting our brand, you’re contributing to job sustainability and powerful transformation in the lives of these women, as well as the demand for fair trade, ethically sourced ingredients.
At Lunalis, we believe beauty and sophistication transcends beyond just tangible appearances. To us, sophistication is not excessive indulgence—but rather, substance and purpose that benefits the lives of those around us.