Extreme Face Oil Gold de Lunalis: de l’Or dans un flacon – BEAUTÉ-S, Switzerland

It's been a long time since I've offered you a review on an oil, and good news, at the moment my beauty routine is being punctuated, not by the use of one, but two oils for the face. Their common point? Prickly Pear Seeds…
Let's start with the one from the American brand Lunalis, which I had the pleasure of trying thanks to one of the founders, whom I met on Linkedin.
At the origin of Lunalis, two sisters and the same desire: that of creating a range intended for the beauty and health of our skin, combining luxury, nature and innovation. Their elixir of youth, Extreme Face Oil Gold, represents their flagship treatment, an oil bursting with natural antioxidants and… Carats of Gold… a whole program… what am I saying? Quite a ceremony!!!
Both from Morocco, the founders wanted to highlight this rich natural heritage by incorporating rigorously selected plant-based ingredients into their formulas.
And, to this is added the desire to promote the independence of Moroccan women by entrusting them with the task of harvesting these noble ingredients in exchange for a fair wage.
Finally, all the brand's products are packaged and manufactured in the United States, in an establishment specializing in natural cosmetics in which the formulations are constantly improved and perfected.
Just the bottle is an invitation to elegance and glamour! Dressed in a purple finery and enhanced with a golden hood, the latter sits proudly on my dressing table thus overshadowing my other little prodigies… In other words, we only see him!
The brand has infused their oil only with ingredients that have rave benefits for the skin:
Prickly pear seeds are a real treasure, highly prized and rare, which, once harvested and cold pressed, turn into an extremely rich “juice”. Its fruit is very precious since it takes about a ton of figs to extract 1 liter of oil, hence its high price. From a cosmetic point of view, this oil is renowned as being the pinnacle of anti-aging care (it contains more vitamin E than Argan oil). In addition, it would be healing, anti-acne and regenerative. In addition to its high vitamin E content, it contains essential fatty acids for healthy skin (omega 6), Zinc, vitamin K and Linoleic acid.
Again, this oil would have extraordinary properties against skin aging and would protect the skin from free radicals. In addition, it would help reactive epidermis to strengthen. It has a composition rich in fatty acids (omega 5 in particular), vitamins, polyphenols and tannins in addition.
More widely used, Jojoba oil is a major ally against skin dryness and dehydration.
Emollient, regulating, softening and protective, it contains a great source of fatty acids and vitamins A and E which the skin loves!
The little extra of this product to bring light and radiance. In addition, Gold would have renowned anti-inflammatory but also lightening properties.
Acting in synergy for an optimal result, the ingredients constituting this elixir aim to:
Deeply nourish the epidermis and provide it with all the nutrients and vitamins for its proper functioning
Boost the cell renewal process
Soothe and relax facial features
Reduce redness and inflammation
Cleanse the epidermis and smooth the skin texture
Boost radiance
Improve skin elasticity
Reduce the signs of aging because it is anti-radical and therefore anti-aging
Lunalis oil is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and the brand has taken care to pamper its composition:
It is free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, petrolatum, dyes, synthetic fragrance, paraffin, DEA and PABA.
This oil was delivered with its small Amethyst stone roller, an object currently very widespread on the networks.
This roll-on will allow the oil to penetrate more quickly and soak the skin with its active ingredients. But, in addition, thanks to him, we can enjoy a little massage. Inspired by the Beauty Secrets of Chinese Princesses, these stone rollers (Jade, Rose Quartz, Amethyst) would have multiple benefits: drainage, firming, anti-wrinkles,… Each stone has a specificity on the epidermis.
Amethyst, in this case, would hold a soothing, decongestant and anti-inflammatory power. It would be more suitable for sensitive and fragile skin. Rose Quartz would be suitable for mature skin looking for an anti-aging action and Jade stone would be recommended for skin with imperfections and prone to eczema.
Finally, the small stone will serve to reduce the bags under the eyes and therefore to promote blood circulation. But it can also be useful to smooth the contour of the lips and cleanse the wings of the nose.
I admit that this new beauty trend that suddenly swept over the networks left me perplexed. I am always wary of these “buzzs”, brands multiplying partnerships to promote them massively. Be that as it may, chance does things well, because I will be able to form my own opinion without having to feel “influenced” (even oppressed) since Lunalis very kindly sent me this magnificent roll… Adorned with the same color as the oil, of course!
It is noted in addition to my remarks above that this object:
Helps stimulate collagen production
Improves blood circulation
Eliminates toxins
Frees the face from tension
Refines skin texture
I use this oil more the day before my make-up (and as a treatment) alternating with my Oolution brand cream. And, given that it is a treatment that gives luminosity, I prefer to grant myself this little luxury at this most favorable moment. But you can also apply it in the evening, this oil promoting cell regeneration. For my part, I currently use another Prickly Pear seed oil, pure, which lends itself perfectly to this moment.
It is also ideal, for example, before an event or a special occasion when you want to have a very natural glowing complexion and a healthy glow. It is an immediate “beauty-enhancing” oil!
I really appreciated its fine, delicate and very light texture on the skin. Thanks to the roller, it is quickly absorbed, leaving a semi-matte finish and a very flattering luminous veil. The small gold flakes contained in this fabulous treatment will instantly magnify the skin.
It is an excellent base since it increases the radiance of my skin, subtly nourishes it, blurs the few small pores to prepare my face for the application of foundation. The latter is deposited and worked with great ease, a crucial point that really charmed me. This oil will also help improve its hold and even enhance it!
In addition to its qualities as a “primer” and finally also as a fixative, Lunalis oil is ultra pleasant as a treatment and can even become addictive! My little localized redness on the cheekbones is soothed and I also find my skin texture more even.
Its healing function is also to be noted. Presenting from time to time small pimples on the chin, this oil accelerated their “healing” and allowed my epidermis to regain a healthy appearance more quickly.
It is mainly at the level of the quality of the skin that I have been able to notice notable effects. The latter seems to me more toned, supple and soft, and completely relaxed. This oil keeps skin fresh and smooth throughout the day. The complexion is revived as soon as it is applied, more homogeneous, less cloudy, as if the skin were gradually renewing itself.
It is absolutely not greasy, which makes it very comfortable! I want to specify this because we are generally more used to creamy or fluid textures, especially during the day. Here, its galenic as well as its flowery fragrance (geranium) are a real pleasure! No sticky, awkward feeling or greasy residue.
As for the roller, the duo is indeed very appreciable. I could not tell you to date if I could notice a tensor effect, but on the other hand the draining side is interesting.
You should know that regular use morning and evening of about 5 minutes is required to obtain results. Having only tamed it for several weeks, it is still early to say. However, the freshness of this roll-on helps to tone the face and provide an anti-stress action simultaneously. In addition, it is enough to carry out, thanks to ascending movements, a small massage to favor the oxygenation of the skin and also to exert some pressure points allowing to stimulate the muscles. (And thus hope to have a firming aspect or at least, offer good prevention at this level).
Regarding the eyes, I am very happy with my little daily drainage which immediately offers a more awake look during the day and a decongestant action in the evening. It does a lot of good and allows you to really work this area very delicately.
Note that Lunalis oil can be applied around the eyes. And I remind you that it is hypoallergenic! You can count on its illuminating and smoothing aspect.
Of course, the roller can be used alone too! The combination with an oil or a serum is complementary but not inseparable.
Little tip?
Do not hesitate to leave your roll in the refrigerator to multiply the effects!
I find the benefits of this oil quite remarkable. Oscillating between skincare and make-up base, its cosmetic interest greatly appealed to me. It has interesting qualities in terms of complexion in particular. Dull skin can find precious help in its company.
And on the anti-aging side, there is no doubt that this oil is full of benefits that will satisfy all skin types, whatever their nature. Your skin will appear denser and healthier, more serene and soothed. Let's not forget that Lunalis formulated it using only extremely rich and noble plants, and a hint of gold to make it unique… Like your skin!
And on the anti-aging side, there is no doubt that this oil is full of benefits that will satisfy all skin types, whatever their nature. Your skin will appear denser and healthier, more serene and soothed. Let's not forget that Lunalis formulated it using only extremely rich and noble plants, and a hint of gold to make it unique… Like your skin!