The new year is here and there’s no better time to talk about the future of beauty than right now. What will the beauty frontier look like in 2020? What changes will we see? What current trends will grow stronger? What are skincare’s mainstays? President and Founder of Lunalis Cosmetics, Laila Quiroga, spoke with me about her beauty predictions for 2020 and beyond. 

Skincare as an Experience
Q1: In the past, skincare has been so serious, with its talk of medical-grade this-and-that, and multi-step skincare “systems.” Then, we see the rise in popularity of sheet masks, do-it-all creations, and simple skincare. The result: Women are actually having fun with beauty products and looking forward to their routines. How will that trend of “skincare as an experience” continue to make an impact in 2020? 

LQ:  Time (and earth) is our most precious gift. The desire for simpler skincare is really a sign of the times. Busy, modern lifestyles demand it. Women don’t want skincare to be a chore. When they can just relax and apply a once-weekly mask at home, or a nature-based facial oil that takes care of multiple concerns, women not only look differently, but they carry themselves differently. It’s really empowering. There’s effortless style…why not effortless beauty?

The use of natural, bio-available plant ingredients will continue to spur this trend. We know that plant-based extracts can “do more.” They have antioxidants, minerals, and other compounds that can fight environmental threats, while hydrating, exfoliating, and brightening the skin. With pleasing scents and sumptuous textures, these extracts can be combined into beauty-boosting elixirs that far surpass synthetic-based products in regard to creating an experience and sparking an emotion.

Powerful Pears and Gorge-ous Minerals
Q2: Yes, that’s one trend we know is here to stay: “green” beauty and the use of plant-derived ingredients. What are the natural beauty boosters that will take center stage in the new year? 

LQ: Derived from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus, prickly pear seed oil contains minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and over 150 percent more vitamin E than argan oilThis beauty booster defends skin against free radicals and UV damage and stimulates new cell growth, while softening dry skin and fortifying skin’s elasticity. As an anti-ager, hydrator, and glow-promoter, prickly pear seed oil can’t be beat, but the ingredient remains relatively unknown in the US. As a company, our goal is to continue to educate the public about its many extraordinary benefits for all skin types.

At Lunalis, we also believe in the magic of minerals. Real gold flakes feature prominently in our Extreme Face Oil. Women will always want skin that imparts a prismatic luster, and 24-karat gold offers a significant glow-promoting effect. 

Look Better in a Snap
Q3: We love makeup — we just want to look like we’re not wearing any! Heavy highlighting is making way for subtle strobing, minimalism, and even the occasional #makeupfreeselfie. How can we use skincare to support this more flattering, natural, and healthier look? 

LQ: For flawless makeup application, a smooth and even base is a must. A lightweight facial oil can act as the perfect primer, while smoothing out any roughness. Or for a really quick fix, you can transform your favorite foundation by mixing in two drops of face oil.  

When you’ve finished applying all of your makeup, put facial oil on your fingertips and lightly tap the areas of your face and neck that you want to highlight. You’ll typically want the light to pick up your cheekbones, jaw, Cupid’s bow, and décolletage. It’s the perfect finishing touch right before you head out the door or snap a selfie.

Beauty Mainstays
Q4: Of course, there are some beauty staples that have stood the test of time and aren’t going anywhere. What ingredients, routines, and tools are worth sticking with for the long haul? 

LQ: A good cleanser is a beauty icon that’s here to stay. But I’d like to encourage women to use a facial oil to remove makeup before they lather up. Otherwise, they’re just swishing around all that foundation and dirt without actually targeting the skin and pores. 

Every woman should have a facial roller for morning skin prep. This small tool can pay big beauty dividends, if used consistently. It acts as a massager to really get blood flow going, which helps oxygenate the cells. You’ll also drain away any puffs and tiredness. 

Also, for an ultra smooth complexion, I love dermaplaning, which removes the top layers of skin. Find an expert aesthetician and get the procedure performed regularly (about every 3 to 4 weeks). You won’t be sorry!

Au Naturel
Q5: And, last but not least, what does Lunalis have planned for customers in 2020? 

LQ: As a company, we’ll continue to look to nature to inform our vision of elevated, ethereal beauty. We’ll continue to blend the earth’s most exotic, yet results-producing extracts into creations that exude dreamy elegance. And our products-to-come will be able to complement and accelerate the work that our other products, like Extreme Face Oil and Hydra Renewal Cream, are already doing. For example, a trio of hydroquinone-free solutions that ease the look of hyperpigmentation is currently in development. We also have an antioxidant-intensive mask combining prickly pear seed oil and Vitamin C. This facial can give skin a quick refresh, while improving its brightness with every use. Finally, we’ll soon release an eye rejuvenator that can be used under the eyes, brow furrows, and brow bone for an energizing jolt of freshness and contour. All products will be derived from botanicals — a beauty source that more and more women are turning to for serious skin results without the risk.

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