Butterfly Gua Sha | Rose Quartz Gua Sha | Lunalis Cosmetics
Butterfly Gua Sha | Rose Quartz Gua Sha | Lunalis Cosmetics
Butterfly Gua Sha | Rose Quartz Gua Sha | Lunalis Cosmetics

Rose Quartz Butterfly Gua Sha

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Our Rose Quartz Butterfly Gua Sha massager delivers the next level in facial massage. For less puffiness and increased radiance, move our butterfly massager across your face and neck in a slow, methodical motion. Can be used daily to bring energy to the skin or to release facial tension. 


Originating from China and southeast Asia, Gua Sha is an ancient healing ritual that supports skin health. The practice of Gua Sha has been traditionally used for self-massage and muscle aches. Today, women everywhere are turning to Gua Sha to awaken their complexions and enjoy a little self-care at home.


  • Helps with product absorption
  • Promotes a healthy glow
  • Diminishes the look of puffiness
  • Relieves facial tension

The Lunalis Advantage: What Make Our Gua Sha Massager Different?

We’ve designed our Gua Sha Massager with perfectly placed curved edges to fit every contour of the face comfortably. The smooth flat edges of the butterfly’s wings allow for sculpting and definition on larger surface areas like cheeks, jaw and neck. The tip of the butterfly’s wings can be used for pressure-point relief or for smaller surface areas like the eyebrow.


For best results, first apply Lunalis Extreme Face Oil or Hydra Renewal Cream to clean, dry skin. Then, move the tool along your cheekbones, jaw, brows and forehead in an upward sweeping motion.


Use soap and water to clean the Gua Sha tool, laying it flat to dry. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe the tool clean before and after each use.

Rose Quartz

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